As Africans, we are colourful, resilient and busy people. We are constantly on the go, moving forward and thinking ahead – which is why we need a phone that does the same.

Apple has simultaneously released a new model of iPhone alongside the iPhone 5s. This bright new model, called the iPhone 5c, comes packed with features that any African would appreciate – the most noticeable being the stunning new colour palette available.

The new iPhone 5c comes in choice of green, blue, yellow, red and white. That’s right folks; Apple’s new product is available in the colours of the South African flag. Whether this is intentional or not, consumers can now have a phone as vibrant and bright as they are.

iPhone 5c

Another great feature of the phone is its sleek, reinforced plastic casing. In Africa, we know life gets busy and it can sometimes boil down to survival of the fittest. The iPhone 5c’s new and improved shell is as resilient and durable as ever and perfect for an active lifestyle that has no time for things stamped as “FRAGILE”. Apple has not designed a phone with such an exterior since the iPhone 3GS and this kind of durable and bold design is much welcomed for those who are on the go from work or play.

While the visual appeal and thin and light design are one of the phone’s most attractive features, there is still much more to be offered by the iPhone 5c. While Africans enjoy their colour and aesthetics, they do not like to skimp out on cutting edge technology. While the iPhone 5c proudly shows of its bold exterior – this phone is definitely more than just a pretty face. The iPhone 5c was designed to complement Apple’s stunning new iOS 7 interface features that are as vibrant and colourful as the phone itself. The phone’s software comes with several new appealing features that are functional and progressive, just like our people. iOS 7 allows for overall enhanced user experience. This leading edge software can be enjoyed on the iPhone 5c’s 4- inch Retina display screen.

The iPhone 5c also comes with a remarkably improved camera feature, perfect for capturing all the photo ready moments that are presented on a daily basis. Whether is it the animals, the people or the culture that catches your eye, not only does the 8MP iSight camera allow you to photograph it to perfection, but the Apple A6 chip also allows users to enjoy stunning graphics and a smooth functionality. 

iOS 7’s new feature, AirDrop, allows users to now share these images and other materials, wirelessly and directly with those close by. And we know in Africa, that we are big on sharing.

Which is why the iPhone 5c was designed to be shared with you – for a reasonable and more cost effective price.  iPhone 5c has endeavored to provide consumers with an attractive, updated smartphone at an affordable price. Thanks to this, now everyone can enjoy a phone that is smart, up to date and on the ball.

What do you think? Would you buy the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c? Let us know in the comments.


sgs3 · October 24, 2013 at 9:56 am

Great article.
I feel it will come down to price and options available. If the 5s will be priced like current flagships, i.e. around the R400 p/m mark then the 5c should be priced at at least half that, R200 p/m on any of the crap contracts from our lovely network providers. But if they are going to push the 5s past R400 and place the 5c at R300, then no thanks, I’ll upgrade to something Android or wait 2014 out and hope this buggy galaxy s4 survives. Otherwise I’ll be glad to take a green 5c with a black cover.

kaipoche kai · October 31, 2013 at 9:17 pm

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