iStore has announced that they will open their stores at 6am on the 24 October for the launch of the iPhone 6 in South Africa.

In previous years iStore’s have opened at 7am with long queues and very little to no stock. Last year some stores open their doors to over 100 people with not a single iPhone in the store and only 8 expected to arrive during the day. This year could be different but we are not getting our hopes up.

Vodacom launch the iPhone at midnight at Vodacom World every year and this year is no different. Vodacom World traditionally has the most stock and according to Vodacom on Twitter they only received their stock this morning.

MTN are holding a launch event at iStore in Sandton. The details of this event are unknown.

CellC have remained completely silent about the iPhone 6. This is not unusual as they did this last year and their reason is that they want to offer the best prices so they wait until all the other networks have released their pricing. We disagree with their thinking on this however we can confirm that they will be selling the iPhone 6 on the 24 October.

If you are interested in the price of an iPhone 6 in South Africa check our price guide. So far we can confirm Vodacom’s price and we have some idea that the CellC pricing is accurate.

If you are looking to get your hands on the iPhone 6 on the 24 October here is where you can get it from:

iStore – Opens at 6:00am

Vodacom – Opens at 12:00am

Vodacom Stores – Open at 9:00am

MTN Stores – Open at 9am

CellC Stores – Open at 9am