As another year rolls around it’s time to consider what apple will do in 2014. 2013 was a jam packed year for Apple, although they didn’t do anything for the first half of the year.

It all started with WWDC in June when Apple announced iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. iOS 7 brought a whole new design to iOS devices with a much simpler look and feel. Apple received a lot of criticism for the colour pallet but have slowly been modifying it without people noticing. Mavericks was a massive update to OS X bringing it closer to iOS software.

During the last 6 months of 2013 Apple released the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, Updated colours for the iPod, iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display, Updated Macbook Air’s, Updated Macbook Pro with Retina Display, Updated iMac and the massive change to the Mac Pro.

It seems like Apple updated every product line but they didn’t. The iPod Classic lives on and hasn’t changed in over 4 years. Will that change in 2014? Will Apple kill the iPod Classic? Apple Displays haven’t received an update since 2011.  Apple has begun manufacturing of 4K display’s, is it for the Apple TV or for Apple Display’s? Talking about the Apple TV. There were so many rumours but Apple remain silent as the Apple TV hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years. The Mac Mini also went unnoticed in 2013 and the future of the Macbook Pro remains to be seen.

So what about 2014?


Let start at the core of Apple business, their computers. Apple have always followed this simple four by four grid, making a total of 4 computers. This has changed over the years but still remains at the core. They offer a total of 5 computers now and the iMac and Mac Mini fill the same space.

The Mac Pro received it’s major update and will not feature in 2014 at all.

The iMac received a major redesign in 2012 and will not feature aside from minor updates.

The Mac Mini is due for an update and will most likely be updated in 2014 but don’t expect anything revolutionary. Possible update time: October

The Macbook Pro remains a great option and a high spec computer with little room for improvement. It’s hard to say what Apple will do in 2014 but expect a redesign of some sort. Possible update time: October

The Macbook Air hasn’t been redesigned since it’s launch in 2010 but why would you redesign it? Minor updates and possibly a price drop. Possible update time: June


The iPod was at one stage Apple’s biggest money maker however it now makes Apple very little money. Apple have been known to kill off products before people think they are ready to be killed. Don’t be surprised if 2014 brings the death of the iPod or at least some versions of the iPod.

iPod Shuffle – The Shuffle is a great little device which is extremely portable. Expect a hard drive update. Possible update time: September

iPod Nano – Expect Apple to kill the nano if they release an iWatch because the products will be so similar in size.

iPod Touch – The Touch will be updated inline with the iPhone. Expect the Touch to receive Touch ID and a M7 chip. Possible update time: September

iPod Classic – It’s a winner and it will live to see another year.


iPad Air – The iPad Air has just been released to don’t expect to much change here. Update will include Touch ID and processor updates. Possible update time: November

iPad Mini – The iPad Mini received a minor update in 2013 with the inclusion of the Retina Display. Update will include Touch ID and processor updates. Possible update time: November

iPad Pro – There has been a lot of talk about Apple releasing a 12 inch iPad, as sceptical as we are about it, it does seem like a viable option. Apple will have to create something spectacular. Possible release date: November


iPhone 6 – Apple will reveal the iPhone 6 in September 2014. There is lots of talk about what the iPhone 6 will have but don’t expect Apple to make a curved iPhone just yet. Possible update time: September, will reach South Africa in November.

iPhone 5s – The iPhone 5s will remain on the market at a cheaper price.

iPhone 5c – The iPhone 5c will remain on the market at a cheaper price.

Apple TV

Don’t expect much from Apple TV this year. Expect Apple to open the Apple TV up to developers to create applications or use it as an extra display for an iOS device.

We don’t expect Apple to release a new Apple TV this year.

One More Thing – iWatch

2014 is the year of the iWatch but it will be completely different than you think. Most people are thinking about a smart watch that will show them information from their iPhone like, phone calls, messages, emails, etc. This is easy to implement and Apple could have done this when it released the iPhone. The iWatch will be more than that. The iWatch will be your personal health assistant. It will measure your vital signs and keep track of your health. Eventually it will be so advanced that it will tell you when you are getting sick and could possibly inform your doctor.

When you go to see the doctor or hospital they will be able to connect to your iWatch and see your medical history and monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and much more. Apple will revolutionise the health industry in 2014.

All this is speculation and lots of research. Keep following this website for all the news about Apple in South Africa. Last year we had about a 60% accuracy but our predictions were a bit extreme.

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