For many years people have tried to predict what Apple will announce by decoding Apple’s media invites. Over the last few years Apple’s invites have generally stayed away from giving too much information away or on some occasions being outright obvious. Apple’s most obvious clue was the iPhone 5 launch event which had a “5” as the shadow of the date of the event. 

iPhone 5 media event invite

iPhone 5 media event invite

Over the last few year Apple has stuck with a very similar designed invite consisting of the top portion of the Apple Logo. 

The iPhone 7 media event is no different!

However there is one massive clue… When asking Siri “See you on the seventh”, Siri give this response… “Be there or be heptagonal”

What does heptagonal mean?

A heptagon is a seven-sided polygon


Judging from this it’s is clear that Apple’s will be revealing a new iPhone and it will be called iPhone 7!