With the news this week that Apple have reach the market cap value of 1 trillion dollar we thought we would put that into perspective for South Africans.
So what could Apple buy in South Africa with their 1 trillion dollars (if they actually had the money).
Working on an exchange rate of R13 to $1 Apple would have R13 000 000 000 000 to spend.

1 – Vodacom

Apple could purchase Vodacom, with a market cap of R230 billion, 52 times.
But Apple doesn’t do half measures so they are going to purchase Vodacom, MTN, CellC and Telkom 27 times.

2 – Steinhoff

Steinhoff have been in real trouble in the last few years but their market cap is still at R10 billion.
Apple could purchase Steinhoff 1300 times!!

3 – Krugerrand’s

The current price of Kruger Rands is just below R17 000 but let’s work on that price for interest sake.
Apple can purchase almost 765 million Krugerrand’s!

4 – DSTV Premium Subscription

With the current price of R809 per month for a DSTV Premium Subscription and many people canceling their accounts because of the high cost. Maybe Apple could help South Africans?
Apple could purchase a DSTV Premium Subscription for every single South African for the next 24 years.

5 – Nkandla

Apple could purchase our State homestead 5 200 times at a cost of R250 000 000 each.
But one thing we could all agree on is that Apple cannot afford to keep paying our former presidents legal fees!

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