There have been many rumours circulating at the moment but not enough to write a whole post so we are putting everything into one update:

iPhone 5s

There is news that the next model iPhone is set to be the iPhone 5s. The 5s is said to be the same form factor as the current iPhone 5 but with a better camera. There are other minor changes but nothing significant at this stage.

The suggested launch date is in July 2013 and going on sale in August.

Apple is also said to be working on what has previously been called the iPhone Nano. The iPhone Nano is just a smaller version of the current iPhone. The rumours are that when Apple update the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s they will release a smaller 3,5 inch iPhone 5 at a cheaper price. The first 5 versions of the iPhone had a 3,5 inch screen so it is not something unfamiliar to Apple and it developer community.

Speculation is still high at this stage but as we move closer to a release date more information will surface.

iPhone 5s, South Africa

iPhone 5s, South Africa


For some reason there have been many rumours about an iWatch without any actual evidence. We have been surprised by the number of rumours regarding the iWatch considering it would be something new to Apple.

At the bigining of the year we gave our predictions for the year and the iWatch was on our “One More Thing” list. Normally this is a big guess at something we think Apple might do during the year. Most of what we suggested in our post has been the same information so there is not much more to talk about.

However there have been some rumours that have come from people that are close to Apple and have a good track record when it some to rumours. The only problem with this is that no one can give a time frame. There have been suggestion of a 2013 launch and still others of a 2014 launch.

Once again we wait in anticipation as the iWatch becomes a reality.

iwatch, South Africa, release, launch

iwatch, South Africa, release, launch

Apple TV

Again we posted about this in our predictions post and everything we are hearing is confirming our prediction.

It seems like cable companies don’t want to give into Apple and allow streaming of content for obvious reasons. The only company that has agreed to work with Apple is Disney. Apple and Disney have an extremely tight relationship and Steve Jobs was the largest individual share holder in Disney before he passed away.

The rumours are the Apple are going to produce a 40′ inch TV that you can stream the content you wish to watch. This would be a massive problem in South Africa so it is unlikely that it will reach our market any time soon. A full Apple TV like this is only expected in 2014.

In the interim Apple is likely to open the Apple to developers to create apps for the Apple TV. This is expected in 2013.

Apple TV