One of the iOS 12 features to generate a lot of buzz has been Screen Time – a way to monitor app usage and set limits to reduce the amount of time spent staring at your phone.
You can use it yourself, of course, but parents can also use it to limit the time their kids spend using particular apps, like games or YouTube. One company, though, thinks it has an even better idea: require kids to exercise to earn app time.
Goya-Move is an app designed to get children off their mobile devices and moving again. It allows the parent to set a daily or hourly step goal for their children.  The parent can block specific apps that will be timed out until the desired step goal is reached by the child.  No active playing or exercising, no apps!
Goya-Move offers many custom setup options for the parent to make their child’s goals obtainable, fun, or challenging. Once the step credits are accomplished, the selected blocked apps are then available.
Goya-Move software allows that parent to set children’s goals through the parent device. Once the goals are set, they are reflected on the child’s device. Goya-Move also allows the parent to see what apps are installed on their child’s phone by displaying their apps in the parent dashboard on the parent device.
There are other options that Goya-Move offers, including setting up Black-Out times for homework, bed time, family dinners etc.… Black out times override step goals and allow the parent to take control of their child’s screen.



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