During WWDC, Apple did something they never ever do and that was give a sneak peak at a product they haven’t released. High end professionals have been asking for an update of the Mac Pro for years and Apple has remained silent until the end of last year when Tim Cook responded to an email saying that a new Mac Pro would be coming late in 2013. 

Mac Pro, New, 2013
Mac Pro, New, 2013

Apple did what only Apple can do and set out to reinvent the pro desktop.  The new Mac Pro is an incredible 25,5 cm tall and 1/8 the size of the current Mac Pro. Apple didn’t mention exact technical specifications and has said that the information they have published is subject to change.

Apple didn’t give a time frame for the release of the Mac Pro but our guess is that it will be released in October or November. South African will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the new Mac Pro as new products generally take about 2 months to reach South Africa and in some cases like the iMac there is still a delay. 

The new Mac Pro will be available in South Africa toward the end of February 2014

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