Tip #2

Never be first to market.

This is something Apple follow religiously. They haven’t always but they learnt quickly.

Most people will tell you that being first to the market is advantageous. They will also tell you that Apple is a leading in creating new markets.

Both of these statements are wrong.

Most of the time when you are first to market you have a bad product and fail.

Apple has never been successful in new markets. Apple didn’t invent the PC, MP3 player, mobile phones or digital music. All these products are successful because Apple was late to market. Apple has a history of not trying to make the best possible product but to do one thing better that the biggest competition.

Think about it: The iPod is successful because it made putting music onto a MP3 player easy. The iPod is not better than any other MP3 player, it is just easier to use. One thing better!

And because of this great marketing and ease of use people use their products, and because there is only one thing better people can now tell other people why it is better. Do you see how Apple is empowering people to be their sales force?

Ask any person who uses a Apple product and within 30 seconds they will tell you that it is easier to use.

Ask any person who uses any other product and they will stumble for words or tell you that it is Open Source! (P.S – Apple is open source![Link])

Remember to always to ONE THING BETTER!


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