Surprise and Delight

This is a simple concept to grasp. Basically go one step further for your customers. Don’t just accept giving them good, give them great!

Apple does this through many different ways but one of the best it the packaging of Apple product. It is amazing that when it comes to sell a Apple product second hand that if you still have the original box it is more valuable. There really is something special about opening an Apple product from the box. It’s no wonder that people love to watch the unboxing of Apple product when they are released.

Apple weren’t the first to use this trick and are not the only ones that use it today. The first example of this concept was in the late 1800 when caramelized popcorn was invented.

Starbucks use this concept in many ways. One example was a author was up late one night working on an article when he decided he needed a break. He decided to go down to the local Starbucks. He was so looking forward to his treat. When he got to the store all the nights were off. He went to look at the sign to see their opening times to discover that he was an hour early. As he turn to walk away the door opened and a barista asked whether he would like a cup of coffee.

It cost Starbucks nothing to server this customer but it created a customer for life. What can you do to surprise and delight your customers? What can you do to differentiate yourself from your competitions.


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