Make the Message Memorable

This is almost common sense but most people seem to forget about it. We only have a short period of time to get our customers attention. It is even harder to get them to remember the message.

But lucky for us we have Apple to learn from, they have been the masters of this right from the beginning. Remember the Mac – The computer for the rest of us?”

If you can come up with a memorable message then word of mouth advertising becomes so powerful. By creating a memorable message you equip your customers with the right word to sell your product to their peers. This makes life so much easier if everyone is selling for you.

Just think about some of apples products….

iPod – 1000 Songs in Your Pocket.

iPhone 4 – This changes everything. Again.

Mac Mini – The most affordable, energy efficient mac.

iMac – The ultimate all-in-one computer.

Macbook – The $999 notebook

iPad – See the web, email, and photo’s like never before

I am sure there are many more that you can think of. Spend lots of time on making the message memorable. It will pay off!

Just a few extra tips: The message must tell the customer WHY they needed it. Remember when Apple release the iPad they use a line that said something like – “a magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price. That was horrible and Apple got mocked for it! Test your message of people and ask them what they think.

Marketing isn’t what you do to reach your first customer, it’s what you do to help your first customer reach the rest.

Say tuned for the final tip from Apple which will open up to some great tips from Starbucks, a Marketing Miracle.


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