It has been a long time since the last one but here it is:

Empower early adopters…

Everyone who has been using Apple products for a long time will know that Apple does this extremely well even today. Have you bought a Apple product and found the Apple stickers? Well that is what we are talking about.

Everyone that is a fanatical Apple fan or (fanboy) will display these stickers somewhere where people can see that they use Apple and are proud of it.

Or what about those famous white earphones you get with every iPod or iPhone? Have you noticed how they have almost become a status symbol and a sign that that person is using and iPod!

What about all Apple computers? They stand out from every other boring dell computer.

Give you customers something to show off that they use your products.

Keep your eyes peeled for tip 4 as this will be one of Apples great secrets.


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