It’s no secret that Apple iPod sales have been declining since the launch of the iPhone. The iPod line up has not received an update since September 2012. The iPod Classic was last updated in September 2009.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has even publicly declared that iPod sales are declining. During the Q1 2014 Financial Result Tim Cook had this to say:

The way we look at it, our business is a sell-through point of view less iPod — all of us have known for some time that iPod is a declining business.

The iPod only accounts for 1% of Apple sales. With such a small amount of sales it is likely that Apple will discontinue the iPod or will not update it further.

Apple have been known to drop products early and move on and it would be no surprise if Apple dropped the iPod line up in the next year with the introduction of the iWatch.

In September 2010 Apple released an iPod Nano that many people used as a watch. The 6th generation iPod Nano came in 8GB and 16GB options. Four years later it would be no surprise if Apple released a similar product and called it the iWatch.

6th Generation iPod Nano with watch strap

6th Generation iPod Nano with watch strap

Interestingly that iPod had a Multi-touch screen, FM radio, and pedometer and a built-in accelerometer. The screen size was 1,54 inch and 24 hours of music playback. All the predictions so far mach this iPod Nano in almost every detail. An iWatch with iPod capabilities.

Apple is expected to announce the iWatch later this year.

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