JayJayAbels posted something very interesting online this weekend which we though we would share. Generally Apple Media invites have hidden clues to what products will be released but it seems like WWDC invites don’t give as much of a clue.

Below is the invite that was sent to the media to invite them to the launch of the iPhone 5. This has been the most obvious clue Apple have ever given in an invite. 

Apple iPhone 5 Media Event
WWDC 2013 iWatch

JayJayAbels claims that the invite to WWDC has cryptic clue in them. Here is his view:

It’s 100%… without a doubt… referencing an iWatch.

How anyone else sees something different is beyond me.

People in this thread are missing a fundamental point. Why didn’t they just use “WWDC 2013”?

WHY did they choose Roman numerals specifically?

It’s easy. A quick look over at Wikipedia will show you just how important Roman numerals have been to clocks all throughout history.

They could’ve just used 2013. They didn’t. That was done purposely and I came into this thread excited at how everyone would finally realize it was all about an iWatch. Instead there’s like 4 people in this entire thread who saw what I did.

As far as the multiple colors go… I think it’s also a nod to a variety of iWatch colors.

The different shape? A possible face for the iWatch. Clean and colorful.

The only thing I’m not sure of is WHY the colors are transparent. Maybe that was the only way they could show off the palette in a simple fashion?

Or maybe the face on the iWatch will have the ability to change colors?

WWDC 2012 Media Invite

Last year I was almost screaming the same exact sentiment. The 2012 WWDC logo absolutely referenced the Retina display. All of those colorful “squares” were popping off the logo in an attempt to convey the importance of pixels.

Make NO doubt about it… this is the year of the iWatch. And it will be announced at WWDC “MMXIII”.

This is the new iPhone. Believe the hype.

News and rumours are very slow at the moment but as we get closer to WWDC we will get a better idea of what Apple will do.