This is just to silence those people who think the blackberry even compares to the iPhone. 

101 reasons why the iPhone is better than the Blackberry

  1.  Three devices in one. (revolutionary phone, widescreen ipod, breakthrough internet device)
  2.  More than 200 000 applications.
  3.  It runs Mac OS X
  4.  Multi-Touch Display
  5.  Bigger Screen – 3.5’ Display (did I mention it is a TOUCH display)
  6.  Intelligent Keyboard ( which only appears when I NEED it)
  7.  Light sensor (changes brightness of display according to natural light conditions)
  8.  Accelerometer
  9. Conference Calling is simple (then again everything on the iphone is simple)
  10. Conversational Style TEXT (Brilliant, and it can send MMS with just a software update)
  11. Did I mention Software Updates (If there is/was a feature missing it is just a software update away, no need to buy another phone)
  12. The Full Internet (Flash is not the internet and most videos on the web are NOT flash)
  13. Voice Control
  14. Compass
  15. Cut, Copy, Pasta (It is the better than any other mobile platform)
  16. Landscape Keyboard
  17. Spotlight – search the whole phone instantly!
  18. Voice Memos
  19. Stocks
  20. Youtube
  21. Find my iPhone – This is great if you live in SA!!! MobileMe required
  22. Email – the best email on a mobile device
  23. Syncs with iTunes seamlessly – no additional software require that no one knows how to use!
  24. Visual Voicemail – Your phone might have it but it doesn’t do it like an iPhone!
  25. Silent Button – This has saved my life more than once!
  26. No ugly keys!
  27. Looks so much better
  28. It fits in your hand nicely – unlike the blackberry
  29. Do more with Contacts
  30. Apple users have ONE address book, other people have an address book for evey device!
  31. Keep contacts in Sync – with MobileMe
  32. Ringtone – the standard ones are nice but you can have anything you want!
  33. Genius recommends songs in the ipod application
  34. Zoom In with a pinch
  35. Zoom Out with a pinch
  36. Double tap to zoom in
  37. Bookmarks sync from your computer
  38. Favorites on your home screen
  39. Shoot video in widescreen
  40. Edit Video on the go
  41. Share video anywhere
  42. Tap to focus – does your phone chose what to focus on?
  43. Sync photo’s with iTunes
  44. Voice control to play music
  45. Maps – Has to be the best maps application on a Mobile platform
  46. Language – Change the language on the iPhone and the keyboard changes, can a blackberry do that?
  47. Keyboard adapts for each application
  48. Shake to undo – I have to laugh
  49. VoiceOver
  50. Tethering wirelessly
  51. App Store!!!! Did I mention over 200 000 applications
  52. Once you have purchased an app it is yours FOREVER, unlike the blackberry where you have to buy it each year.
  53. Edit the home screen – You chose what the phone looks like!
  54. iTunes – Buy music on the fly
  55. Calendar – Syncs with Yahoo, Google, Outlook, iCal, MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange. (And people say Apple isn’t compatible)
  56. Scientific Calculator
  57. Weather App
  58. Notes App
  59. Parental Controls
  60. Remote Wipe if your phone is stolen (Requires MobileMe)
  61. Word documents look better on the iPhone
  62. World Clock
  63. Alarm – multiple alarms which are so easy to use
  64. Volume buttons – People actually know how to change the volume
  65. Preferences – ALL settings in one place. (that’s why I love Apple products)
  66. Scrolling
  67. Screen Shot – hold the sleep/wake button with the home button for 3 seconds and you can take a screen shot!
  68. Restore – Restoring is so easy with iTunes and you can even restore from the phone directly. (nice if you suddenly want to sell the phone, just restore and it will delete all you information)
  69. 16/32GB of built in memory (no one wants to use memory cards)
  70. No removable battery (All the phone I had they all come lose, I don’t want to take the battery out if it last long enough, which the iPhone does)
  71. Price – Ferrari or a Tazz (It is expensive cause it is a brilliant product, blackberry’s are free because…..)
  72. Only one type of iPhone – Don’t give me too much choice cause then I will be confused, I’m buying the phone cause of what it can DO(software).
  73. You know who makes the iPhone, who makes Blackberry?
  74. If you own an iPhone you are cool
  75. If you own a blackberry you are normal
  76. iPhone Market Share growth in one year was 131,6%
  77. Blackberry’s Ma
    rket Share growth in one year was 45.2% (The lowest of all smartphone manufactures)
  78. 3G on the iPhone is actually 3G
  79. Support for Nike+
  80. Multitask like never before!
  81. 960 x 640 resolution display – WOW!
  82. FaceTime – Video calling which is better than any other handset
  83. HD Video recording
  84. Video editing (Did I mention it is HD)
  85. Folders – because there are so many apps, we need folders
  86. Home Button – It just awesome to say that your phone has a Home button
  87. Organise your apps – Put the apps where you want them, not where the phone wants them!
  88. GeoTagging photo’s and video
  89. Speaker phone actually sounds good and is useable
  90. Spell check – I need this
  91. Email Threads
  92. Places in Photo’s
  93. Face’s in Photo’s
  94. iMovie
  95. iBooks sync wirelessly to all your iDevices for FREE
  96. 802.11n Wi-Fi
  97. Gyroscope – Don’t ask, it just makes it better
  98. LED Flash for the camera – beat that!
  99. Secondary microphone for noise cancellation
  100. 326 pixels per inch and your eye can only see 300 pixels per inch
  101. Comes in two colours, Black or White – now that is cool!



Things they don’t tell you when you go get a new phone or upgrade:


  • That the free internet you are getting on a Blackberry is costing you R60 a month and is only free for downloading mail and applications that use the internet. If you actually go onto the internet you WILL get charged.
  • If you get a blackberry you will be called Strawberry Boy.
  • If you get an iPhone random people will come up to you and ask about your phone. You WILL become an opinion leader in the phone industry.


If you think I have left anything out or duplicated something let me know and I will make changes.