Although the Samsung Galaxy smartphones have captured a lot of attention and seem to be the biggest competitor to Apple’s iPhone, Google Trends tells a very different story.

Google Trends shows that the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone around the world… at least when it comes to online. Sales of devices may differ significantly from these results however it does reveal that people are most interested in the iPhone.

The story does change significantly when it comes to South Africa. The gap is almost none existent. This chart is not entirely accurate as the iPhone is a smartphone but the Samsung Galaxy in a product range and includes Tablets.

When it comes to tablets Apple win hands down, not even a competition. The iPad has a massive advantage over the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab. One wonders if this has something to do with the complicated naming of Samsung’s product lines.

What are your thoughts on this data? Do you think Apple has more market share in South Africa than Samsung or do you think people just like taking about Apple more?