We haven’t provided much news so far regarding the iPhone 6 and the reason is because there has been little information to talk about and what information has surfaced has come in small little bits over time so we now feel we have enough information to provide you with something worth reading.

The biggest rumours at the moment are that Apple has been testing screen sizes of 4.6-5.7 inches with suggestions that they will release two models of the iPhone 6, one with a 4.7 inch screen and a larger one with a 5.5 inch screen.

Apple does test different screen sizes all the time so rumours about screen size have been around since the launch of the iPhone however there seems to be a large amount of talk this time. Apple has only change the screen size once and that was for the iPhone 5 and I am sure they were hesitant to do it as it requires App developers to reprogram their apps for the new display. How keen are Apple to do this again? I am personally still not convinced that it is a good idea but suspect that Apple might do it as pressure from competitors rises.

Talking about the screen…. One of the biggest advancements we are likely to see in the iPhone 6 is a Sapphire Crystal Glass. Currently the glass on an iPhone is Gorilla Glass and the Camera Glass and Home button of an iPhone 5s are made of Sapphire Crystal. Sapphire Crystal is much stronger than Gorilla Glass and is much more expensive to manufacture. However Apple recently partnered with GT Advanced to produce Sapphire Crystal glass at a much cheaper cost. There is still some doubt about whether the glass is for the iWatch or the iPhone 6 but they have the capacity to manufacture enough for both products.

Other Features:

It is still early in the game to be predicting exactly what Apple will do with the iPhone 6 but we can assume that they will upgrade the camera in some way as Apple have focused a lot of attention on the camera at every launch.

iOS 8 is also expected to come preinstalled on the iPhone 6. Due to the massive changes in iOS 7 we are unlikely to see any major changes to iOS 8. Expect some new features especially in regards to health monitoring and compatibility with a possible iWatch.

Recently a rumour suggested that the iPhone 6 will come with a similar form factor as the iPhone 5c rounded edges however Apple will move away from plastic and use aluminium. There have been a number of suggestions about curved glass but I don’t believe Apple will implement this idea as there is no benefit to having curved glass as opposed to straight glass.

Release Date:

Apple will most likely reveal iOS 8 at WWDC which is normally held in June or July. Then in about September they should announce the iPhone 6 which will go on sale two weeks later in the US, UK and a number of other countries.

South Africa has been one of the last countries to get the iPhone in the past however the release dates are starting to get closer and closer together.

Expect the iPhone 6 to reach South Africa in early November 2014.