There have been a number of rumours over the last few days suggesting that Apple might finally adopt NFC in the iPhone 6. Apple has remains silent about NFC over the years however analysts suggest that Apple may not have adopted NFC in the past as it would allow people to use payment systems, like Google Wallet, that are outside their ecosystem. It is now believe that Apple is developing it’s own payment system which would use NFC technology and connect with a users iTunes Account.

NFC is an extremely effective technology for mobile payments as so far has remained mostly unused partly because of Apple’s non adoption of the technology. Although NFC should be successful regardless of Apple’s adoption once Apple adopts NFC be warned that they will not just add it as a feature in the iPhone. They will get major retailers all over the world to adopt it. Apple has a way of making technology successful and NFC will be one to add to the list.

With Apple’s plans to adopt NFC for it’s own Mobile Payment system it is likely that NFC will not be accessible to third parties which will have a major impact on it’s influence internationally. We are hoping that Apple keeps NFC open to developers otherwise it will be a useless feature on the iPhone.

It will also take a couple of years for retailers in South Africa to adopt NFC and Mobile Payments.