We have discovered some information about iPhone 6 Pricing in South Africa. We can’t confirm how accurate these prices are however they have been reported by more than one source.

Let us explain how this table works… The US price is the the outright price in US. Don’t get confused with the $199 price that is on contract, these are the outright prices in the US. The SA price is what our sources suggest the price will be. The exchange rate is the SA Price divided by the US Price to work out how much we as South Africa’s are paying per dollar for the iPhone. Remember there are import duties and shipping costs to bring the iPhone to South Africa.

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus
US Price SA Price Conversion Rate US Price SA Price Conversion Rate
16GB $649 R11 799 $1 = R18,18 $749 R13 999 $1 = R18,69
64GB $749 R12 999 $1 = R17,35 $849 R15 499 $1 = R18,25
128GB $849 R14 599 $1 = R17,19 $949 R16 999 $1 = R17,91

What is strange about these prices is that an iPhone 6 128GB is the same price as the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB in the US but in South Africa it is expected to be R500 more. Only time will tell how accurate these figures are. We suspect they are reasonable accurate.