Rumours about the iPhone 5s have started increasing over the last week however this is little information that is valuable or insightful.

The most recent report which we feel is most accurate at the moment came from Brian White. His report suggest that the iPhone 5s is expect to be the same size as the iPhone 5. The differentiating factor is said to be fingerprint technology. Apple have been working on fingerprint technology and have recently been hiring engineers. What we don’t know is how far into the process Apple is and if it will be on the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 6.

There has also been lots of talk over the last few years about a cheaper iPhone. Brian White suggests that the name at the moment is the iPhone Mini and it is expected to have the same screen size as the iPhone 5s. The only difference is that the iPhone Mini will have a plastic curved back and come in multiple colours.

Both the iPhone 5s and iPhone Mini as expected to launch in America in August. This would mean that they would reach South Africa in November or December.