We have been searching and searching for information about when the iPhone 5 will be released in South Africa and here is what we have found:

Lots of people are asking about what date the iPhone 5 will be released in South Africa. So far we have two unconfirmed reports.

  1. The next round of iPhone 5 releases is set from 30 November with a pre-order date starting on the 23 November.
  2. Someone suggested 10 December.

The real question now is which date is correct?

Lets start with 10 December. We don’t believe this date as it is a Monday and traditionally the iPhone is released on a Friday. We also have knowledge that Vodacom already has the iPhone 5 and we don’t believe that they can hold it for that long.

The 30 November sounds more realistic. The only concern with this is that Thursday 22 November is Thanksgiving and all Apple staff in America have been given the week off. We are not sure if this will have an impact on the release date but it is worth considering.

If the 30 November is the correct date we should start getting more information during the week. Keep checking back here for the latest information.

Update on 2012-12-04 10:57 by Apple News

The iPhone 5 release date in South Africa has been confirmed as the 14 December.

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