Just 2 weeks ago Vodacom announced that they would launch their LTE network in South Africa before the end of the year.

Vodacom didn’t wait long to switch on the lights. On the 10 October 2012 Vodacom announced that they have enabled their LTE network in Johannesburg, through 70 base stations.

A coverage map is now available on the Vodacom website.

Vodacom have not said when they will enable LTE in other cities but it should happen soon.

Although the news is not surprising as they had already announced that it would become available. What is of interest is that currently Vodacom doesn’t have any hand-held devices that operator LTE. During the announcement Vodacom stated that they would begin selling LTE enabled devices by the end of the month.

Our previous news was that Vodacom was having trouble with the iPhone 5 connecting with the LTE network. Apple News thinks that the iPhone 5 wasn’t the only device that was having trouble as Vodacom has since stated that they will be releasing an LTE enabled Samsung S3 by the end of the month. Apple News suspects that Vodacom have solved the problem and are waiting for Apple to give them approval.

Accourding to reports worldwide the third round of iPhone 5 releases is set to happen on the 26 October 2012 with information showing that India and Malaysia on that list. Based on Analysis on the iPhone 4s release this could also put South Africa on the same day.

Apple News still suspects that the iPhone 5 will launch in South Africa on the 26 October but we are still awaiting official news.

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