Yesterday we received two bit of information. The first was from Sean Alonso who was told by MTN that the iPhone 5 would be released during the second week of December. At first we were suspicions as generally the support staff don’t give accurate information until the official announcement.

The second was very detailed. This person stated that they have received official word from Vodacom that the launch party would be held on the 13 December. We believe this information to be accurate as that would mean the iPhone 5 will launch on the 14 December which is a Friday.

These two reports confirm each other and some of the previous information we have heard. Apple was planning the iPhone 5 to be their fastest roll out ever but our research shows that it has been the slowest iPhone roll out ever!

People all over South Africa have been waiting for Vodacom, CellC and MTN to announce when the iPhone 5 will be available. We have been following the build up and will keep you informed as the day approaches.

We have included a countdown timer in the sidebar. The countdown is till 14 December when we expect the iPhone 5 to be released in South Africa.


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