As we draw closer to the release of iOS 6 to the public we can start to anticipate the launch of the new iPhone (iPhone 5 or iPhone 6). Normally, as we get closer to an Apple product release we start to see rumours surface.

This says a lot about Apple’s ability to create viral marketing hubs out of their fans. Using Word of Mouth tactics, not ony does Apple get community conversation and anticipation around their brand, but they also get to hear the key voices of their consumers. That’s why they’re able to outpace their competitors – They stay true to their most important assets – Human assets.

It’s hard to believe all the rumours and we have to take them with some caution although most of them have a good track record. With that, let’s dive in to see what the buzz is around the newest product, iPhone 5 (errr, or iPhone 6)…

So what can we expect for the next iPhone?


Most of the rumours at the moment are confiming a similiar design to the iPhone 4/4s. The most nocicable changes are a smaller dock connector and the move of the stereo headphone jack from the top to the bottom near the dock connector.

The screen size also looks to be changing to a 4 inch display although the phone will still be the same size.

Something else which is noticable is that the Facetime camera has been moved from the left of the ear piece speak to above it.



We already know that the new iPhone will come with iOS 6 and we know what most of the features are. However I wouldn’t close this door to something new. Apple have a history of under promising and over delivering. I would expect Apple to add LTE and NFC however Apple also have a history of not adopting technology unless it is stable or they can use the technology better than others.

With the new Passbook application it looks very convincing that Apple will adopt NFC but it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple have something better.

LTE seems like a likely choice for Apple to keep up with the market. I wouldn’t be surprised if they released a version with LTE and a version without.


Most people are calling it the iPhone 5 however I think Apple is trying to move away from fancy names and numbers with the release of the “New iPad” and the “Next generation Macbook Pro”

I don’t believe Apple will use iPhone 5 because it would confuse the consumer by using iOS 6. My gut is that the will call it the “new iPhone”, “Next generation iPhone”, “iPhone LTE”, or “iPhone 6”


We can never be sure when Apple are going to release a product and we only get word a few days before. Apple traditionally send media invites a week before a product launch and a few days before rumours start predicting the date.

This year however there have been many confirmations of the release date of the iPhone 5/6. All the rumours are suggesting 12 September 2012. Only time will tell…