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Apple released the iPhone 5 on 12 September 2012 with some really nice features. Check out Apple’s website for a full list.

The question is what features will be useful in South Africa?


LTE is a super fast wireless communication for mobile phones. It is also referred to as 4G. LTE is capable of 299Mbit/s and upload of 75Mbit/s.

Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and 8ta have confirmed that they have made preparations for LTE already. The South African government is holding up the use of LTE in South Africa. As soon as the government give it the clear we will surely see LTE become active immediately.

The iPhone allows for 150Mbit/s download speeds on LTE which is faster than any other for of internet in South Africa. I don’t expect LTE to be available when the iPhone is launched but it should come within a few months.

Nano Sim Card

iPhone Sim Card, South Africa

iPhone Sim Card, South Africa

Something that Apple never mentioned in the release of the iPhone 5 was that it requires a Nano Sim Card. This posses some challengers as there are no other mobile operators who use this standard as it was only approved a few months ago. Apple were the ones who developed that card and got it approved as a standard.

This means that mobile services providers are all trying to get their hands on these cards before the iPhone launch.

Currently none of the service providers have these cards but I can confirm that Vodacom will be receiving them shortly and I am sure MTN will follow soon afterwards. My guess is that it will take Cell C and 8ta a few months longer to get the cards and only if they want to release the iPhone 5.

Wide Band Audio

Apple launch a new feature in the iPhone 5 called Wide Band Audio. Basically it allows for a wide band of audio during a voice call. This makes the voice call clearer and more realistic.

None of the service providers in South Africa support this standard and all have been silent on the issue. Vodacom has stated they they are considering the commercial viability but I doubt we will see this available in the next couple of years.

Launch Date

No date has been given yet as to when the iPhone 5 will be available in South Africa. Apple have also not released their rollout schedule but did state that it would be in 100 countries before christmas.

South Africa should fall on the third of fourth rollout date. We don’t know when these dates are but I am sure it will be sometime in October or early November.

By the end of Septmeber the iPhone 5 will be available in 22 countries already so expect South Africa to be in the next round of rollouts.


on 2012-09-19 05:23 by Apple News

Accourding to this link, turn by turn navigation will become available in South Africa in October. It has been suggested that this is a clue for the iPhone 5 release in South Africa. However Australia is also listed in the countries that will receive turn by turn navigation in October but the iPhone 5 launches in Australia on the 21 September.

There is a possiblitity that this could be a clue to the release of the iPhone 5 in October however Apple’s website traditionally doesn’t give clues to any releases and at times has also given incorrect dates.

On the other hand, Cellucity have confiremed that they have Nano Sim cards. This is a good sign and we can almost be certain the Vodacom and MTN already have their stock.


on 2012-09-20 05:35 by Apple News

A picutre of Vodacom’s Nano Sim cards has appear online. Although there is no official news on the release of the iPhone 5 in South Africa these signs are promising.

Information is suggesting the Vodacom will release the iPhone 5 in October with some service providers suggesting that they are expecting the iPhone 5 by late October early November.

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Sean · September 19, 2012 at 1:28 am

Apple left a clue that the iPhone 5 will hit SA shores in October on their site:
Scroll down to:
Maps: Turn-by-Turn Navigation – South Africa is in the list under "Available in October".

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