When the iPhone 5 launches in South Africa it is unlikely to support LTE. This is due to the strict requirements from Apple. The approval process in expected to take about 8 weeks and is suggested it will only come with software update 6.0.1. Although we are aware of the approval process the suggestion that we will have to wait for software update 6.0.1 which is only due in 2013 is unlikely.

We will keep an eye on this story as we are aware that Vodacom have been having issues with the iPhone 5 on their network. This is a likely reason that Apple is holding back the LTE config files. We know that Apple like to control every area of the user experience and this is not unlike them.

The reports also suggest that the iPhone 5 was expected to be released in October but has now been pushed back to mid November. Apple has been experiencing issues with manufacturing the iPhone 5 and there is a worldwide shortage.

India has announced that it will be releasing the iPhone 5 on the 2 November. This could suggest that South Africa will see the iPhone 5 on either the 9 or the 16 November. Vodacom, MTN and CellC are likely to release the iPhone 5 on the same day in South Africa