iOS 7, South Africa

During WWDC Apple gave a preview of iOS 7 and made it available to developers to test and get their apps ready. We managed to update one of our iPhone’s to test. 

Having done testing on previous beta software for iPhone we were hesitant to install the software but we were pleasantly surprised at how stable beta 1 has been. Although added some great new features most of the change has been to the design of the software which is why the software is so stable already. 

Using iOS 7 is pleasant and simple. There are some great new effect like when you unlock your device the apps fly in, when you lock you device the screen fades to black. Switching between apps is easy and quick. Overall the user experience is very nice.

Here are some things we have noticed: 

iOS 7, Compass

  • Calendars app looks totally different. Switching between year, month and day view is not as easy as before.
  • Switching between, video, camera, square and pano on the camera app is easy and quick. Nice update. 
  • Reminders has a nice new layout and it is a little easier to create reminders.
  • Mail apps has received a nice update. Although it all looks the same it is now possible to move mailboxes up and now the list if you have multiple email accounts
  • The compass now has a level built into it. 
  • Safari has a totally new way of working and requires some time to master but overall is a great experience. 
  • Notification Center (Swipe from the top down) seems to have less in it but this will change as testing goes on. 
  • Control Center (Swipe from the bottom up) is really nice and has quick link to a flashlight, Clock, Calculator and the Camera. It also has controls for Airplane mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, Do not disturb and Lock screen orientation.
  • Spotlight search has been changed from a swipe to the left to a swipe down from the middle of the home screen. 
  • Siri is much quickr!
  • Quitting apps is easy and seamless.

As we discover more we will keep you posted.


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