Rumours have it that the release of iOS 6.1 will bring support for LTE on South African networks. We have stated previously that we think this is unlikely as network settings are sent over the air and are generally not included in iOS software, However for interest sake we are providing this news.

Rumours have started appearing that Apple will be releasing iOS 6.1 Golden Master to developers for final testing in the next few days. Golden Master software is most of the time the final software version that will be release to the public. Once Apple release Golden Master software to developer it is normally released to the public 2 weeks later.

This would mean we could see the release of iOS 6.1 on the 28 January 2013. There have been some suggestions that there may be a Media Event to share some of the new feature but there is still speculation about this. If there is a media event it could be that Apple want to announce the cellular networks that will be opening up their LTE networks to used on an iPhone 5.