Apple has finally opened up the Games category on the South African iTunes Store. Locals have been requesting the feature for a long time now, it was only a matter of time before opened up the games market in South Africa. 

South African iTunes

The listing includes popular titles like Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Real Racing 3, and more. Clicking on the links for those games shows their information pages inside the browser, along with rand pricing for the games and/or their in-game purchases. Clicking on a purchase button in the web browser loads the game’s purchase page in iTunes, from where it is possible to purchase the game.

Visiting the App Store from iTunes or from your iPhone or iPad’s App Store will not show a games section. However, searching for games from iTunes or from the App Store on your iOS device will return results. We were able to find a handful of games, including the latest Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Star Wars 2. It is listed for R7.99.

Using a South African iTunes account is now a great option for many and the idea of having to create a US or UK iTunes account is no longer needed.

If you want to keep your US and UK iTunes account you can purchase Gift Cards from The US and UK iTunes account still offer access to more Movies, TV Shows and apps that are still not available in the South Africa iTunes store.

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