It was about 4 or 5 years ago that I switched to FNB. The Steve adverts were very convincing and reminded me of the Switcher adverts that Apple ran in the early 2000’s. I really appreciate good marketing.
One of the best things about banking with FNB is that I almost never have to visit a branch. I can do 99% of my banking through the FNB Mobile App. The FNB app offer so much more than banking like renewing your car license, finding a home, getting a pre-approved home loan, buy lotto and powerball tickets and manage my shares. If I can’t find out how to do something or need some assistance I can chat with someone through the app.
Although the FNB app offers so much by far my best feature is the simplicity in which it does banking. So often banking can be complicated and difficult however FNB have found a way to make it simple and intuitive.
The other day I arrived at a coffee shop for a meeting and realised I had left my wallet at home. Normally this would be an embarrassing situation asking a client to pay for my coffee or asking the manager if I could return later to settle my account but not with FNB. I simply logged on to my FNB app and transferred some money to eWallet. eWallet allows you to transfer money to a cellphone number instead of a bank account. I transfer some money to my own cellphone number and received a OTP code to withdraw the money from any FNB ATM. Within minutes I had some cash in hand. It really is amazing how with FNB I don’t have to rely on someone else but can just help myself.
My favorite feature of the FNB app is the geopayment feature. Geopayments allow you to transfer money to someone else with the FNB Banking app without exchanging banking details. The transaction is safe and immediate. Recently we sold our dinning room table to someone on one of the Facebook second hand groups. I always get nervous about how payment will work especially when it is large amounts. My concerns we eased when the person confirmed that they bank with FNB. They arrived to collect the table, we loaded it onto the bank of their bakkie. We both opened our FNB banking app. Within 30 seconds the transaction was completed.
That is how FNB help you help yourself!

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