The Discovery Insure App that tracks your driving and gives you reports could be the reason your battery is dying so quickly. Although they state that the app doesn’t drain battery however our evidence shows differently. The disclaimer in the app description says that if you are going on long trips you should charge your phone while driving. We had driven for a total of 10 minutes on the day we discovered this issue.

iOS which was released to developers this week has a new feature which allows you to see what apps are using your battery. Earlier today we noticed our battery was running low and decided to use the feature. To our surprise the Discovery Insure App had used a whopping 44% of our battery. The next closes app was Safari with only 8%.

We have also noticed that the Discovery Insure app so how manages to keep tracking you even after you have quit the application.

Maybe it’s time to delete the app and save your battery…

The app is now number 3 on the Free iOS App Chart.