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Once again Cell C is the cheapest place to get an iPhone contract. Last year Cell C amazed everyone with their cheap iPhone contract and this year they have done it again. Although it has take some time for their prices to be released they have outdone everyone again.

Vodacom released their prices earlier and their offers looked good. MTN then released their prices and everyone seemed to think that the prices were better but you have to remember that MTN give airtime and not free minutes. This makes a difference because R200 airtime is not 200 minutes, it’s actually about 84 minutes. When you do the math you will notice that MTN are very expensive.

Here is a comparison of similar contract. We tried to get the closest to 200 minutes.

iPhone 5c iPhone 5s
Vodacom Smart L
250 minutes, 500 sms, 500 MB
R629 R699 R799 R879
MTN Anytime 500
217 minutes, 500 sms, 1000 MB
R699 R749 R749 R799 R849
Cell C Straight Up 200
200 minutes, 200 sms, 500 MB
R499 R569 R549 R659 R739
Telkom Mobile Smart Plan 250
250 minutes, Unlimited, 500 MB
R799 R879

As you can see from the table above MTN and Telkom Mobile are the most expensive. Although Vodacom’s contract is slightly different to Cell C and offers more the really question is do we want to pay for more SMS’s when we have things like iMessage, What’s App and BMM?

Here is a comparison between Vodacom and Cell C with almost exactly the same contract.

iPhone 5c iPhone 5s
Vodacom Smart XL
400 minutes, 800 sms, 800 MB
R799 R869 R949 R999
Cell C Straight Up 400
400 minutes, 700 sms, 800 MB
R769 R839 R769 R899

On the contract that matters, the one with a iPhone 5s 16GB, Cell C are R100 cheaper with 100 less SMS’s.

Who do you have your contract with? What do you think of these prices?

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Rory · December 10, 2013 at 12:59 pm

CellC might be the cheapest, but after having my details and contract info since around the 8th of November, I still can’t get an iPhone 5s 32gb Space Grey out of them. Its starting to sound like a CPA matter to me. Advertising but not being able to produce.

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