MGM, a iPhone case design firm, posted a blog showing a new case intended to fit Apple’s lower-cost iPhone. The case is almost identical to the iPhone 5 case but is about 2mm thicker and has rounded corners much like the latest iPod Touch.

Low Cost iPhone, Cheap iPhone, iPhone, South Africa

Rumours of a low cost or cheap iPhone have been circulating since January suggesting that it would be thicker and have a curved back like the current iPod Touch.

The cheaper iPhone is expected to be released alongside the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, whatever Apple decides to call it, during September or October. The Low cost iPhone is also expected to come in a variety of colours to differentiate it from the main iPhone.

Case manufactures don’t have any insight into Apple’s product updates but have in the past made some accurate predictions. 

The iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 and the Low Cost / Cheaper iPhone are only expected to be released in South Africa toward the end of November or in December depending on when Apple releases they in the US. 

Low Cost iPhone, Cheap iPhone, iPhone, South Africa