Apple’s WWDC conference begins today and Apple will preview iOS 8 during the Keynote presentation. iOS 8 will be available for developers for beta testing immediately after the keynote and will become available to the general public in September.

Little information is known about iOS 8 but here is what we can expect:


Apple purchased a number of mapping companies last year and their technologies are expected to be included into Maps. How these improvements will improve maps in South Africa is yet to be seen.


Every year Apple improves Siri but this year developers are hoping to get an SDK for Siri that will allow them to integrate Siri into their Apps. Rumours also suggest that Siri could get proactive assistance, such as telling you the weather every day instead of waiting for you to ask.


The biggest announcement it expected to be the HealthBook App. Since the inclusion of the M7 chip in the iPhone 5s the iPhone has had the ability to track you motion more accurately. Many Apps now track all sorts of health related activities from running, sleeping to how you eat. The HealthBook app could capture steps taken, heart rate, hydration, nutrition, blood-sugar level and other factors. Each one of these would exist as a “card” within the app.

ll this is expected to be in preparation for the iWatch.