Apple announced that they would be hosting a media event on 1st September.










Many people are wondering what we can expect from Apple during this event. So here is my input:

Don’t expect anything other than music related news. Apple doesn’t ever do anything else during this event. If there is some new products like iLife ’11 or a new iPad 4.0 it will be launched in October.

We will see new iPod’s –
iPod Touch – expect it to follow suit with the iPhone 4.0. The screen size won’t change but will have a retina display. Bigger hard drive. Don’t expect anything revolutionary, this product will always follow suit with the iPhone.

iPod Classic – This one confuses me but there is a reason they call it classic. Not going to change much, bigger hard drive, maybe design change similar to iPhone 4. I’ll just throw it out there that it might be interesting to get a touch screen that can run iOS apps…

iPod Nano – Expect the most change here. Complete redesign. Smaller square shape with a touch screen. bigger hard drive and possible have some cool way of running apps(Maybe in the future).

iPod Shuffle – Another interesting one. Don’t expect much change. Bigger hard drive and just maybe a small screen but unlikely.

I think we will also see some changes to iTunes. There are lots of rumours going around about what will happen with iTunes. Your guess is as good as mine but remember that iTunes is the base for all iOS devices, which means that if there are changes they won’t be major. There has been talk of the iTunes Store going online, not so sure about this but I think there will be some online service.

Lastly there is talk of a new Apple TV. This is a well needed refresh. The Apple TV is a great product but it lacks some key features as well as being very expensive.

My opinion – Something isn’t right with this product, have you ever tried to find it on the Apple Store? It’s under the iPod section. That means it will be involved in this conference if anything. I think we going to see Apple do something amazing here. This product is plagued my missing features. I have lots of ideas about what Apple could do but only time will tell if they do anything.

I have to say they will have a much bigger hard drive – 500GB plus, as the current one only goes to 160GB. More integration with iTunes and maybe some applications and something special that only Apple could think of.

Last thoughts – Apple traditionally only focus on 3 big updates. Expect iPod updates but expect most of the time to be about iPod Nano. All other iPod’s will be updated. Maybe some focus on iPod Touch and I think the biggest could be the Apple TV.

Let’s see how my predictions go…


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