Apple has released iOS 9 to the public after 3 months of beta testing. To update to iOS 9 go to Settings>General>Software Update.

iOS 9 includes:

New Siri

New Siri UI with additional functionality. Such as photo lookups, reminders including when you get in and out of you car, contextual reminders about current app content. If you are in a message conversation, saying ‘Remind me about this’ understands the current context and adds a link to the message conversation as part of the Reminder.

Proactive and Intelligence

Intelligent features to help you based on context. Phone can look in email to find contact information on incoming call screens.

Apple says these new features are anonymous and happens on the device, nothing is sent to a server. It is not shared with third parties and can be disabled in Settings.

New Font

Like OS X El Capitan, iOS 9 includes a new system font. It closely resembles San Francisco.

Spotlight Siri Suggestions

Spotlight includes a new section which bubbles up relevant nearby locations and contact details. For instance, apps bubble up based on the current time.

Spotlight Search

Many new ways to search for content. This includes video search. Spotlight Search also has an API so third-party apps can integrate with the Spotlight view, to find content inside third-party apps. Spotlight has also been moved to the left of the first home screen.

iPad Split-Screen

Apple has finally expanded multitasking on the iPad to include split-screen apps. There is a new task switcher when double-clicking the Home Button. Other apps can be added to the side with a ‘slideover’ mini-app. Apps on the side remain docked as you switch between apps on the left screen. Side-by-side apps can be expanded to fill half of the screen. You can pull across at any time to make one app fill the display.

As a special case, you can even have picture-in-picture video. Videos in applications can be pulled to a little corner view which can be scaled up and down. Videos carry on playing regardless of how you use the rest of the iPad.

News App

The Newsstand app is gone, replaced and superseded by the News app. News brings together stories from many sources, in a rich and interactive user interface. This is similar in purpose to Flipboard. You can subscribe to many different feeds including some built in an ‘Apple News’ format which offers rich typography, fun animations and fluid layouts. The News app is also ensured to be private — it doesn’t share your data. Great content will be included from all sources: ‘local newspapers, blogs or special interest publication are all welcome’.

Updated Keyboard

The Keyboard now uses lowercase letters on buttons when typing in lowercase. This shows users more clearly when they have Shift key turned on or off, a frequent complaint on iOS 7 and iOS 8.

New Features In iOS 9 Notes App

Notes now supports rich text messages, with numbering and checklists. You can also add photos inline. A new drawing tool lets you sketch straight into the note. All of this data is kept up to date through iCloud.

Improved Battery Life And Low Power Mode

iOS 9 can improve battery life by up to 50% on certain tasks, with an additional one hour of battery for a typical iPhone charge. A low power mode turns some features off to enable users to get an additional 3 hours of battery out of their devices

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