After two years of providing the best Apple News in South Africa we have reached an exciting partnership with iGenius.

iGenius is the leader in everything Apple in South Africa. Offering Repairs, Support and Training for everything Apple. There is no need to look anywhere else for all your Apple needs.

We have all heard of Uber, well iGenius is the Uber to the Apple industry. For customers you can find a repair center to fix your broken iPhone, find someone to fix your Mac or get someone to teach you how to use your iPad.

If you are involved in Repairs, offering Support for Apple products or training people how to use Apple products then get iGenius Certified. You will be listed on our website as a Certified iGenius. 

So the question remains… What will happen to Apple News? We will still continue to provide the best Apple News in South Africa however it will be on the website The only thing that will change is our name.

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