Introduced with iOS 9, Apple News is Apple’s dedicated app for reading news sites, blogs, and other content. It aggregates stories from a variety of sources and displays them in a mobile-optimized format, often accompanied by photo galleries, videos, and animations.
Apple News App is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

How to Get Apple News App in South Africa

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone → Tap on General.
apple news app south africa
Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Language & Region option.
apple news app south africa
Step #3. Tap on Region from under REGION FORMATS.
apple news app south africa
Step #4. Tap on United States from the list of countries.
apple news app south africa
Step #5. Tap on Done button from top right corner.
apple news app south africa
A menu will swipe up from bottom. You will see two options: Change to English (U.S.) and Keep English (South Africa).
Step #7. Tap on Change to English (United States).
apple news app south africa
For a few seconds, your iPhone will go blank; after this, your phone will brighten up. You will be on the screen of Language & Region, where Region will be selected as United States.
Now go to your home screen and check all apps; you can see News app along with other apps. If in case, you don’t see News app, you can restart your iPhone and check again. News app will appear on your iPhone.
Note: Please note that if you change the Language & Region back to your home country, the News app will disappear from your iPhone/iPad. Also note that once you select US in Language & Region, your iPhone or iPad will show the US currency.

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