Apple has officially launched an 8 GB version of the iPhone 5c and relaunched a 16 GB version of the previously-discontinued fourth-generation iPad. The relaunch of the 16 GB iPad 4 has resulted in Apple discontinuing the three-year-old iPad 2.

iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c has see slow sales as most people are more interested in the iPhone 5s. Apple has been doing some advertising to try and increase sales of the iPhone 5c. The 8GB version lowers the price of the iPhone 5c by about R500 which will make accessible to more people.

The relaunch of the 16GB iPad 4 means that Apple will no longer sell the iPad 2. It’s an interesting decision by Apple as the iPad 2 carrier a good price tag but the iPad 4 will carrier a higher price tag which is closer to the iPad Air. Apple could be moving toward a line up of devices that all have Retina Display’s.

Both devices went on sale today in the US, UK and other countries. It should take about a month for the changes to reach South Africa. Due to the high exchange rate I would’t expect much change in price however if the price of an iPad 2 is in reach by it now!!!!!