It’s coming close to that time of the year when Apple release new iPhone’s. Normally this happens in September every year with the new iPhone’s reaching South Africa some time in October.
Lots of information has been leaked about these new iPhone’s so far. So leaks are weird while some make total sense. We’ll sum up everything we can in one post…
Apple will release 3 different models of iPhone’s in 2018.

  • The first will be a second generation iPhone X with an 5.8inch OLED display. (Same as the current iPhone X)
  • The second will be a iPhone X Plus with an 6.5inch OLED display.
  • The third will be a lower cost iPhone X with a 6.1inch LCD display. (Same size form factor as the current iPhone 8)

N.B – I have named them iPhone X but that most likely won’t be the correct naming.
At least one of these iPhone’s is expected to come with dual-sim technology. Rumours at the moment aren’t sure which one.
iPhone South Africa
The most interesting leak so far is that Apple will upgrade the current charger adaptor to an 18W USB-C power adapter and a USB-C to Lighting cable to facilitate fast charging functionality without the need to purchase additional accessories. While this leak comes from an usual source it makes sense with Apple’s recent addition of Wireless charging in the iPhone 8.
One of the craziest rumours to come out in the last few days is that the lower cost iPhone will have new colours, including: Gold, Red, Blue, and Orange. This rumours comes from a very reliable source and supposedly is targeted at the Chinese market.
Which model do you want? Would you get a coloured iPhone? If so which colour? let us know in the comments below!

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